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Beazley Foundation, Incorporated was established in December 1948 with funds provided by the late Fred W. Beazley, his wife, Marie C. Beazley, and son, Fred W. Beazley, Jr., all of Portsmouth, Virginia.  In February 1956, Mr. Beazley formed a companion entity, Foundation Boys Academy, to operate a private secondary school for boys, Frederick Military Academy, and, later, a college, Frederick College, both named to honor Fred Beazley’s deceased father.  The College was gifted to the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1968 to become a part of the Community College system, now Tidewater Community College, and the Academy closed in 1985.

Shortly thereafter, in 1986, the Charter of Foundation Boys Academy was amended to change its name to Frederick Foundation and embrace an expanded mission, with the continued financial support of Mr. Beazley.  In 1993, Frederick Foundation merged into the present Beazley Foundation.

From the inception of the Foundation, the needs of community and young people have been the primary focus of Mr. Beazley’s philanthropy.  Health care, housing, education, recreation and like concerns have resulted in substantial Foundation grants to an array of organizations and programs serving South Hampton Roads.  Today, Mr. Beazley’s legacy continues with the enduring commitment of the Foundation and its Board of Trustees to improve the quality of life of our neighbors and provide greater opportunity for our children.


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